Friday, July 27, 2012

Animelo Summer Live 2012 Lineup Day 1

  Its that time of the year again where it is summer again in Japan. Animelo Summer Live has been going on since 2005 and it is the biggest annual anime songs concert in Japan.

This year the event will be held over two days at the Saitama Super Arena on the 25th and 26th of August. This year the theme is Infinity∞, it is to represent the infinite possibilities that anime songs can bring. The theme song for this year is “INFINITY~1000年の夢~”(INFINITY~1000 Year dream~)

The line up for this year is unsurprisingly stellar. The line up is as follows :


Aoi Eir - Known to sing the ED of Fate/Zero - Memoria. She was a Nico Nico Douga singer so not much info revealed on her.

Expected Song: Memoria

AKINO from bless4 - Known for singing theme songs for Sousei no Aquarion and Aquarion EVOL. I think she'll be singing the EVOL songs so not much in store for her. 3 songs at max.

Expected Songs:  Kimi no Shinwa, Paradoxical ZOO, Sousei no Aquarion, Go Tight, Gekkou Symphonia

Afilia Saga East - an idol group produced by Haruko Momoi and Shikura Chiyomaru. The members of Afilia Saga East are also employees in maid cafes. This cafés are part of Affilia Saga, a line of cafes/restaurants all over Japan. 3 songs at max.

Expected Songs: Kindan Muteki no Darling, Mirai no Watashi mo Matteiru, La*La*La Revolution, Knee High Egoist.

ALI PROJECT - One of the veterans in Animelo Summer Live. I think they will have a massive pop. But then it comes down to Takarano Arika's costume and singing abilities to make it good. 4 songs most likely from what they think is popular.

Expected Songs: Ranse Eroica, Katana to Saya, Kyomu Densen, Jigoku no Mon, Senritsu no Kodomotachi, Boukoku Kakusei Catharsis, Ankoku Tengoku, Kinjiareta Asobi.

ALTIMA - a group of 3 whose members are from different groups. MOTSU from m.o.v.e, SAT, the keyboardist from fripSide and Kurosaki Maon, who just became the main vocalist. I expect all of their singles to be played. Maon will appear on the second day to perform on her own.

Expected Songs: I'll Believe, One, Burst the Gravity

Itou Kanako + Shikura Chiyomaru - One of the up and coming veterans of Animelo Summer Live. Kanako might sing her latest singles. 4 at max.

Expected Songs: Uchuu Engineer, Hisenkei Jeniakku, Sora no Shita no Sokanzu, F.D.D, Fake Me, Hacking Into the Gate

Suzuki Konomi - Sang the Theme Song of Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

Expected Song: Choir Jail

StylipS - Their members are Arisa Noto, Ogura Yui, Ishihara Kaori, Matsunaga Maho. Both Yui and Kaori form their duo YuiKaori and they have their own songs.

Expected Songs: Study X Study, Miracle Rush, Choose Me Darling

Tamura Yukari - One of the veterans in Animelo Summer live. She voices Yoshino Sakura, Fear Kubrick, Sunohara Mei, Touhara Asuha and Takamachi Nanoha. She is expected to carry the crowd with her good singing. 4 songs at max.

Expected Songs: Douwa Meikyuu, Oshiete A to Z, Platinum Lover's Day, Endless Story, Hohoemi no Plumage, Hoshizora no Spica, Tomorrow

Zwei - The members are Ayumu for Vocals and Megu for Bass. They might perform their old songs. 2 -3 songs.

Expected Songs: DISTANCE, Koyubi no Paradox, Kaze no Senritsu, Inanna no Mita Yume and Kakucho Place

Nanri Yuuka - A previous member of tiaraway and now FictionJunction. She is also a seiyuu for Mai-Otome and Mai-Hime.

Expected Songs: kiseki, shizuku, Live On

Nomizu Iori - Known for her roles as Elizabeth Margaret, Andou Mirai, Kushihachi Inaho, Nymph, FNC (Funco) and Haruna.

Expected Songs: Omamori Himari ED, Kore wa Zombie desu ka OP, Upotte OP, Itsuka Tenma no Kuo Usagi ED.

Haruna Luna - Sang the song for Fate/Zero 2nd season.

Expected Songs: Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau, Binetsu no Tsuki, Love Tears

Persona4 Music Band - I love Persona games but I don't know the titles of their songs.

Misawa Sachika - A youngster who voices Kuroyukihime in Accel World. I don't know if she has any more songs.

May'n - One of the upcoming veterans in Animelo Summer Live. She is really popular so I think I'll see her main event Day 1. 4 songs max

Expected Songs: Chase the World, Brain Diver, Heat of the Moment, Lion, Diamond Crevasse, Ready Go!, Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare, Shinjitemiru, Scarlet Ballet

YuiKaori - The duo formed by Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori. Still, the duo is young and Yui has gone into her 1st single, named Raise.

Expected Songs: Futari, Heartbeat ga Tomaranai, Shooting Smile, Kimi no Yell

LiSA - Not much is known of her besides Girls Dead Monster. She did release 2 singles so far.

Expected Songs: crossing field, oath sign, My Soul Your Beats, Itsuka no Tegami, Confidence Driver

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Girugamesh Reveals Preview Of "Zecchou BANG!!" PV

Girugamesh Reveals Preview Of "Zecchou BANG!!" PV
Girugamesh has released a 2 minute and 45 second PV preview for the new single "Zecchou BANG!!".
Along with the band rocking out to their new song, the video features dancers and cheerleaders dancing along as well.
"Zecchou BANG!!" was released on July 4th. Details about the new single were released in May.
Check out the preview PV below:
ギルガメッシュ(girugamesh) 「絶頂BANG!!」(
ギルガメッシュ(girugamesh) 「絶頂BANG!!」("Zecchou BANG!!") MV
【ギルガメッシュ1年9ヶ月ぶりのニューシングル】サウンドプロデューサーにTAKUYA(ex:JUDY AND MARY)を迎え,更に深化したギルガ�..

2NE1 Release "I Love You" Music Video Teaser + Full Audio Track

2NE1 Release "I Love You" Music Video Teaser + Full Audio Track
2NE1's new single "I Love You" has been released today, along with a teaser of the song's music video.
The music video teaser shows the girls run around looking lost as well as showing shots of them sitting in a car, staring longingly out the window.
Teaser was revealed at the same time the single was released. You can buy the single now on iTunes and check out the full audio track below:
2NE1 - I LOVE YOU [Audio]
2NE1 - I LOVE YOU [Audio]
2NE1 -- Official New Single 'I Love You'Please support them by buying this song on Itunes! http://k2nblog...

Brown Eyed Girls To Release Digital Single At The End Of July

Brown Eyed Girls To Release Digital Single At The End Of July
The Brown Eyed Girls will be releasing a digital single at the end of July, but do not plan on having promotional activities for it.
"It's meant to be a gift to the fans who are still supporting the group even though its not active right now," a representative stated.
The group members are busy with their individual activities, such as Narsha staring in a drama and Ga In preparing for her solo comeback at the beginning of August. Because of their busy schedules, the group will not be holding promotions for it.

Unison Square Garden to Perform 1st Tiger & Bunny Film Theme

The official Twitter account for the Tiger & Bunny anime franchise announced on Thursday that the rock band Unison Square Garden is performing the theme song for Gekijō-ban Tiger & Bunny -The Beginning-. The anime film is the first of two based on Sunrise's Tiger & Bunny television anime series, for which Unison Square Garden also performed the first opening theme song ("Orion wo nazoru").

The name of the new theme song is "Linear Blue o Kikinagara." The first film will open in Japan on September 22.
Update: The morning television program Mezamashi Terebi also presented a trailer for the film and part of the theme song. The full trailer will run in theaters starting this Saturday.

ClariS, Kalafina to Sing Madoka Magica Films' Theme Songs (ANN)

A flyer for the first two upcoming Puella Magi Madoka Magica films has revealed that the teenaged female duo ClariS and the Japanese pop trio Kalafina will be signing the theme songs for the two films respectively.
ClariS has performed theme songs for Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Oreimo, Nisemonogatari, and Moyashimon Returns. The pair's first album debuted at #2 on Oricon's weekly CD album sales chart this April. The duo will release "Wake Up" on their fifth single CD, which will ship in Japan on August 15.
Kalafina's Wakana, Keiko, and Hikaru debuted in 2008 with "oblivious," the first of seven ending theme songs for the Kara no Kyōkai - the Garden of sinners anime films. Yuki Kajiura, a veteran composer of such anime as Noir, .hack//SIGN, and Tsubasa Chronicle, put together the Kalafina group and writes the music. Since 2008, Kalafina have performed theme songs for several other anime, including Black Butler, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Fate/Zero.
Akiyuki Shinbo, who directed the television series, is acting as chief director for this project. Yukihiro Miyamoto (Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Arakawa Under the Bridge series director) will direct the films.

The first film of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica trilogy, Gekikjō-ban Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magica Zenpen: Hajimari no Monogatari (Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part I: The Beginning Story), will open on October 6. The second film, Gekikjō-ban Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magica Kōhen: Eien no Monogatari (Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part II: The Eternal Story), will then open on October 13.
[Via Moe Ota-News Sokuhō]

Monday, July 2, 2012

2NE1 Releases First Audio Preview For "I Love You"

2NE1 Releases First Audio Preview For "I Love You"
2NE1 has released their first audio teaser for their new single "I Love You". The teaser features Dara's vocals.
The new song use electro-pop in a mellower vibe closer to "I Don't Care" than "I AM THE BEST".
"I Love You" will be released on July 5th. Check out the 15 second clip from the song below:
2NE1 - I LOVE YOU Teaser (DARA)
2NE1 - I LOVE YOU Teaser (DARA)
NEW SINGLE "I LOVE YOU" RELEASE 0705 For More Information @